My Work

Currently I'm a Product Designer at Waverly, a Montréal based startup that's building a discovery engine using natural language processing.

I also lecture a course at Concordia University called Creativity, Innovation, and Critical Thinking for engineering graduate students about the fundamentals of design.

Previously, I was working independently as an interaction designer with startups using algorithms in unexpected ways. At Ground News, a startup using data to combat media bias, I revamped their web product, improved checkout flow resulting in 4x growth, and designed the highly viral Blindspotter tool. With Wrk Technologies, a startup with a unique human-in-the-loop automation system, I set up the design system that took into account over 1,000 different actions and enabled company to acquire its first customers.

Before that, I was at District 3, one of Canada's largest university incubators. I helped found the organization in 2012. When I returned in 2018, I developed a student residency program which enables students to learn hands-on and launch impactful projects. Under my supervision, the program resulted in a variety of successful projects including BOLO, the breakthrough police community engagement program that was rolled out across Canada.

Who I've worked with

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Work Projects

Waverly lets you craft your ideal algorithm — using your own words, no programming required — so you can get the best content feed no matter how niche your interests are.
UX Certificate for Concordia Continuing Education
In this new program, develop your UX skills through a series of immersive projects designed to help you think like a UX practitioner and create tangible deliverables.
Wrk: A Hybrid Automation Platform
Wrk is a fast-growing scaleup in Montreal building a complex automation platform with a priority toward making it user-friendly and accessible.
District 3 Innovation Centre
I originally co-founded District 3 in 2012 to be a place where students could bridge the gap between the classroom and entrepreneurship. Since then it has grown to accomodate over 80 startups a year.

Side Projects

ThinkFirst News
I teamed up with a friend and started re-sharing the best resources we came across and taking down terrible headlines.
Ascetic Aesthetic
Objects designed to make us adapt to their ideas of life.
A new species of artificial intelligence capable of representing the real you.

🤐 I also run a twice-a-week webcomic under a pseudonym.