Learn about the digital products that I've shipped and my design process.

Product Design

  • Waverly: Social media platform that allows anyone to build their own community algorithms using natural language.
  • Ground News: Media-bias comparison for news readers who care about understanding the world outside of their echo-chamber.
  • Wrk Technologies: Automation platform that combines technological and human output to enable 100,000s of proceeses.
  • Nimbus Learning: Easy access to tutors for students and integrated tutor management for universities.
  • SweetIQ: Local listings management platform that helps businesses view their listings coverage across directories, and syndicate content in real-time.

Learning Experience Design

Explorations & Projects

  • Worth It Labs: Property evaluation tool to enable residential and lease property buyers to make the right decision.
  • ThinkFirst News: Teaching people to browse, consume, and share information critically and conscientiously.
  • Ascetic Aesthetic: Speculative · Exploring how smart home objects can control our behaviour if have religious values in their algorithms.
  • Doliio: Speculative · Giving people social media peace of mind by replacing their online persona with an artificial replica, and an end-of-day report.